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For the next RTA Class:

Posted by kscott on April 6, 2007

Hello folks — it’s been a bit crazy busy, but fun, I think. But since we went to the presentation in the IAM department yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to update you on the syllabus. I’ll change the syllabus this weekend, but thought it was most likely that you were coming here first, so wanted to update the blog right away. So . . . here’s the scoop:

For the next class, please read:

  • Wagner James Au, “Being Barracca and Chasing Aimee“ Democratic Vista Profiles, Center for Arts Policy, Columbia College Chicago.
  • SLART (Second Life Art): go to any article on this web magazine, read, click the links, etc. and come to class prepared to discuss what you read about and your thoughts (they are short articles, mostly images).

Second Louvre Museum:


We will be discussing the readings and the video, along with the previous ones (that you read for last night’s class). Also, Elena and Jon will be presenting their pieces in class.

I will assign your last major review in class next week.

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Assignment #7:

Posted by kscott on April 1, 2007

Read the blog: Take 2…culture paper posted by Andrew.Parks from the IAM department. Answer any of the following questions:

  1. Do you agree with Parks’ assessment of video games? Why or why not?
  2. Can you think of any examples that defy the stereotyping he describes?
  3. Can you point to other instances of racial, ethnic, class, gender and/or sexual stereotyping in video games?
  4. In what ways do these images inform or reflect one’s sense of identity, culture, and power?

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Sunday, April Fools Day . . . Extra Credit Opportunity

Posted by kscott on April 1, 2007

Hi folks – note the readings due for this week:

hiding-something.jpgReading/Viewing Due:

Emlinger Roberts, Rebecca. “The Stripper: Victim Art and the Art of Suffering,” Antioch Review, Winter2005, Vol. 63 Issue 1, p23-39 (handout).

Warner, Sara L. “The Medea Project: Mythic Theater for Incarcerated Women” Feminist Studies: The Prison Issue, Vol. 30, No. 2, Summer, 2004

    I’m not going to require posting this week. HOWEVER, if you are behind in any way (have missed some postings, for example), I will accept comments to this blog with regards to any one of the readings this week and will count as EXTRA CREDIT.

    So this is your opportunity to do a little catch-up if you are behind.

    No joke . . .

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    Update: for March 29th

    Posted by kscott on March 22, 2007

    Ok, for this week, I’ve decided not to give you any readings. I want everyone to relax, rest, and enjoy your break — and come back all ready to dig into these last couple of weeks.

    Some of you, however, are scheduled to do oral presentations, so make sure that you are ready with those, because we will be dedicating the majority of our next class to those presentations, in addition to an introduction to the next theme: “Identity, Culture, and Power”.

    cheers, Kristin

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    Response Assignment #6

    Posted by kscott on March 8, 2007

    In the class blog for next Thursday, compare and contrast the two texts you are assigned to read for next week:

    •  excerpt from “The Illiad” (handout)
    • excerpt from “An Illiad” by Alessandro Barrico (handout)

    Do the stylistic choices of each narrative change the event it narrates? If so, describe how so. Which one has a more powerful impact on you, and why do you think it does? Is the event rendered authentic? Why/ why not, and, if yes, how? Be prepared to also elaborate on your opinions when we discuss the texts in class.

    Feel free to blog about anything that you believe is relevant in the reading of these two texts, but please be sure to address the above questions, as well.

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    Oral Presentation Schedule and Instructions:

    Posted by kscott on March 8, 2007

    March 15th: Ben, Shannon, and Mark

    March 29th: John Bolles, Kristy, and Neill

    April 12th: JONathan, Elena, Jon Binder

    April 19th: Rikki, Javier, Zachary

    May 3rd: Danielle

    * You will each do an oral presentation of a review or example of art or media that you have chosen, focusing on how it reflects, informs, or contradicts what we have read and/or discussed up to that point (up to the date of your presentation). You may choose any review or example of art/media of any length, and in 8-10 minutes, you will discuss its relevance to our topic for that week. You will be a sort of mini-teacher during that time period, and you will have full use of the computer, DVD player, screen – whatever you need to make your oral presentation. The oral presentation will count as 5% of your total grade.

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    Some other Culture Jamming Examples

    Posted by kscott on March 5, 2007

    From Rikki:   I think this ad kind of sums up what lows advertisers will sink to. This is a humorous “culture jam” representation of the new fad of advertising on pregnant women’s protruding bellies.  I’ve always thought that fad was a little extreme, that some peoplepregnant03_pic_103.jpg were willing to go a little too far to make a buck (or get Super Bowl tickets, whatever the case may be.) I don’t know about anyone else,bellyads.jpg but I think those type of ads are a little exploitative, although I guess an unborn fetus does not particularly care whether his or her mother is showing them off in such a gaudy way.  They will probably care eventually, though, when they are old enough to see their mother’s pictures in newspapers.  Perhaps in twenty more years there will be a slough of lawsuits of children whose mothers used them for advertising.  I thought the picture of the man was a good counterpoint to this phenomona.  Plus, it made me giggle.

    John (the other white meat) Bolles Says:
    fisting.jpgMarch 4th, 2007 at 10:55 pm e Manipulation of propaganda:

    Plus, it is profitable:walmarx.gif

    In this pop-culture existence, no icon is safe…

    neill holley Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 4:27 pm e


    Here’s a great site with culture jamming and all around great site for urban/street art.

    It’s all about the image, ‘wear nike and you’ll be a cool dancer chick’ even though you’ll probably just wear the clothes and sit in front of the tv. putting a fork in the spokes i.e. taking the dreamy coolness away from the ad renders it useless. It’s still advertising nike, just suddenly it’s not so appealing. Plus it nike-the-ripper.jpgcan be looked at as an attack on nike, in retaliation to their disregard for worker’s rights in the sweatshops they use and environmentally unfriendly materials. Can we guess what they are pre-occupied with? Probably their insatiable appetite for profit. The craziest part of this is the fact that when I saw this photo originally, I truly thought it was an original nike ad. I thought, ‘wow, they finally went with the mock-culture jam ad’. As if nike was saying, ‘we’re so good, the clothes are so great that nike is pulling you down and you can’t resist the appeal of their designs. I’m still gonna wear my nikes tomorrow, but if I could talk to the 8 year old Vietnamese girl that made them, I’d tell her, ‘you didn’t sow a piece on my right shoe tight enough b/c the thread is starting to come loose.’ I just bought these too.

    Shannon Frey Says:
    March 1st, 2007 at 3:44 pm e
    The Caveman Ad’s
    Why would one consider these ads culture jamming? The ‘it’s so easy a caveman could do it’ tagline is loaded with cynicism and undertones. This is why I’ve not only chosen this as my example of advertising culture jamming but I would like to use this as my choice for topic in our upcoming paper.

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    Andre the Giant – from Sheena Baskerville

    Posted by kscott on March 3, 2007

    andrethegiantsticker.gifOne example of culture jamming is the ever so clever “Andre the Giant has a posse” street art campaign. It is an original design created by Frank Shepard Fairey in 1986. it is an image of the wrestler as an in-joke to Hip-Hop and the skater subculture.The appeal of the campaign is it’s parody of propoganda, both political and corporate.It is used to mock modern American culture.Fairy mocks the idea of branding by creating his own brand, using advertising techniques to rise Andre the Giant’s image to iconic status.The campaign’s self-description on products is filled with doublespeak(Andre the Giant has a posse-Wikipedia)

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    Response Assignment #5

    Posted by kscott on February 22, 2007

    Find an example of “culture jamming” and bring to class next week (either a copy, original, or accessible via the web). Be prepared to talk about your piece, how it is an example of “culture jamming,” and its relevance to the main issues brought up in your reading for next week.

    You are not required to post to the blog this week, but if you would like to receive extra credit, send me your image via email and write about it here (I’ll post the image after you’ve blogged).

    ** Please note that I added a button on top of this blog for your easy reference to several links that other students have found useful in the past. Please add to those resources, if you find links worth sharing.

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    Response Assignment #4

    Posted by kscott on February 15, 2007

    NOTE: I have sent out the readings to everyone’s email. If you did not receive it, email me, and I’ll send you a copy. A few came back as undeliverable due to “full boxes”. Kristin

    DUE NEXT WEEK (February 22nd): Two page minimum response, utilizing BOTH readings (on syllabus).

    Below are some questions that you may ask yourself. You are not expected to answer all of these questions – you could focus on just a few that you find most interesting. But you must incorporate BOTH essays into your response assignment. You are also free to ask and answer other questions you may have that are not listed here:

    • In Croce’s essay, she says that she has not seen Bill T. Jones’s “Still/Here” and doesn’t plan to review it. According to Croce, why will she not review the dance performance? What is Joyce Carol Oates’ response to Croce’s argument?
    • Croce brings up the term “victim art” within her (non)review of Jones’s dance performance. What exactly do you think Croce means by the term “victim art”? And how does Oates view the same type of art? Does Oates agree or disagree with Croce’s term “victim art” and why?

    EXTRA CREDIT question (you must answer this along with one above to receive extra credit): In Croce and Oates’ essays, each argue a certain point of view in regards to what she believes consitutes art or makes it valuable as art. In what ways does each author reflect (however explicit or subtle) one of the main arguments of either Plato, Bell, Tolstoy or Winterson?

    ** Always, always back up your thoughts with some example, quote, or explanation.

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